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Faithless take part in Apple Music’s Home Session series

Faithless perform exclusive version of 'This Feeling' & Gnarls Barkley in new Home Session


Arriving at the height of the UK summer in 2022, Faithless’ Apple Music Home Session is designed for those moments when you want to kick back and contemplate the world. “We really felt these songs had the perfect summer chilled vibe with real heart and a profound message,” says DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and founding member Sister Bliss.


“That seems totally relevant to the times we live in—and showcases the more mellow musical side of Faithless that people who have fallen in love with our dance anthems over the years may be less aware of.”


Alongside a new version of their own track “This Feeling,” the dance legends have produced an unhurried and stirring reworking of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” recruiting longtime collaborator Nathan Ball for vocal duties.


“[We just tried] to make it as emotive and still as possible, which is quite different to the beat-driven, funky original,” says Sister Bliss.


“It allows Nathan’s voice and the amazing lyrics to shine through. The lyrics tell such a relevant and heartfelt story, so we really wanted to do them justice and not overcrowd the song. I also felt it had an almost gospel vibe, so wanted to add the grandeur of the church organ into the mix. The subtle instrumentation weaving round the piano and vocal gives it a distinctly Faithless, cinematic vibe, I think.”


Almost three decades after Faithless formed, Sister Bliss believes that storytelling and songs that stand for something are as vital as ever.


“While I was stuck at home [in lockdown] I had time to reflect on the global tours, the albums, the incredible people I’ve met along the way in my 30-year career,“ she says.


“I’m hugely grateful for the life I have had in the world of music, which most people never get to experience. I also felt very angry that the arts are so disregarded by our government in this country, which motivated me to stand up for our industry during lockdown—and makes me feel that music with a political message is still very important.”


The sessions are available now on Apple Music and can be accessed here.