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20 Questions with NATALEE 


1.- When did you start your DJ career and what was your motivation?

I’ve always loved music, and whenever possible, I tried to listen to it, but I never really thought about DJing until the moment when I met Alexander Mavrin. He opened for me the whole new “world of music” and the hidden universe with great performers about whom I had never heard before. For me, this was quite a shocking discovery, and after that, Mavrin pitched an idea for me to try myself as a DJ. And I gladly agreed. That was about 1.5 years ago. 



2.- Dj and Model, is it easy to do both? How you make it happen? And do you think is a good mix? Why?

When you do what you love, it definitely gives you inspiration for some new creative ideas. Of course, from time to time, it can be difficult, and at the start, you fail at everything, but as we all know, this test of your limits gives you new strength to overcome every obstacle. It is strange that in DJing there are mostly men, it often happens that people who see a pretty girl at the remote control look at this with some sort of disbelief, but this is just wrong, I think that the model-DJ is a great combination. 



3.- in one word

Music - non stop

Night - full moon

Travel - im missing

Stage - energy

Runway - light

Family - take care of yourself

Internet - endless information

Beach - and one coconut please

Audience - good people

Russia - with love

Love - in my mind


5.- Did you ever feel that you could not be a Dj? Why or why not?

I admit, throughout my first performance, I was extremely nervous, and of course, made a lot of mistakes; after that, even a thought of being a DJing terrified me. But the desire and curiosity remained in my head, and after a while, I decided to learn more about DJing, and my interest in it only continued to grow. 


6 .- Do you have any song on the media? Or producing any song? Whats your genre and how it feels when you hear your creations on the different networks? And how was the experience working on it? If you dont tell me how do you imagine your first production.

I don’t have my own song yet, but of course, in the nearest future I plan to write them 



7.- What is the farthest country you visit as Dj and what was your best experience?

It was in Thailand, the coolest party of the season, I really looking forward when borders will be open so I could do it again. 



8.- Worst experience as dj?

The worst performance for me is the first one, I’ve already talked about it before in this article 


9.- What are your musical references and what musical genre or song can will always be on your sets?

In my set, there is mostly music in the R&B, deep house, tech-house style. But I like to listen to the music of different genres, for improving my DJ skills I also play dark techno, minimal techno, and some of the others. 



10.- Covid 19 the world stops for a while, where were you and how affect you on your working and personal life?

Of course, the situation with COVID-19 is a terrible period for all of us, but it gave time to rethink many things in my head to create more specific plans and goals for the future. Obtain new information and improve my skills. 


11.- Musically where do you see Natalee in 5 years?

Five years in the nowadays world is a whole life, I can speak for the nearest future since everything changes every second, I work hard and study everything that can come in handy in creating exciting high-quality tracks and sets that I will perform at Tomorrowland, Coachella festivals, Burning Man, etc. 


12.- Personally, where do you see Natalee in 5 years?

I am currently working on the growth of my personal brand, and with the team, we are creating many projects 



13.- If you had to make a .Feat what musical genre you would choose: Reggaeton, Urban, Tropical, R & B, Rap, Trap, Pop, Rock, among others, and why?

I still can’t tell you for sure, but it can be anything, or perhaps a new genre, it all depends on the inspiration 


14.- With what artist would you like to make a .feat

A really tricky question. Many musicians and DJ’s write to me and they want collaboration, but I still have not found «the one» 


15.- In which country or Region would you like to play this year?

I hope that the borders will soon be open, and we will be able to fly to Thailand, where I will play with such joy. I also wouldn’t mind playing on the resorts of Europe, in Dubai and the USA 



16.- Have you ever felt fear before or ader going to Scene?

I think this a good emotion; it helps you concentrate. I think the feeling of fear is just a natural, human trait. 


17.- How is a perfect weekend for you, with a musical show, with a catwalk, with a photograph or res7ng with the family?

A perfect weekend for me should be a productive weekend. It can be either a music show or photo sessions, business planning, or training, but the main thing is to do it all with pleasure. 



18.- Do you ever have to put your artistic career over a family situation?

I guess, this is a question for those who are over 30 years old :) I turned only 21 years old this year, and my life and career are only at the beginning. For me, my personal development and success are more important than some fling. And if I have a family in the distant future, the main thing is respect for each other’s business without interference. 



19.- What are we going to hear of Natalee this year? Can you tell us whats coming this year? Shows, tour, releases, or anythin you will like to share with us?

This is a strange year) At this stage, any departures from my country are not available, and nobody knows when the borders will be opened. It’s too early to guess, but a lot of customers are looking forward to seeing our professional team so that we can help them with their projects. 



20.- Thanks for this interview Natalee, we said goodbye with one last question, how can we find you on social networks and contact your management for Overseas presentations.

Thank you a lot for the nice conversation 

Instagram: @natalee.007

Fb: @007natalee

Twiter: @007_natalee

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Interview: Miguel Villacreses @miguel.villacreses

Photography: Mavrin Studios @mavrinstudios @mavrinmag