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Sax On Legz - 10 Minute Mash Up : Episode #2

Sax On Legz began her career in 2010 only as a Saxophonist performing in clubs around the Sydney CBD with interstate venues hearing about her and starting to book. She continued performing all across Australia until in 2012 when she made a wise career move and started Dj-ing. Sax On Legz incorporating her Saxophone skills with her new found love for Dj-ing created an incredibly strong combo of a show. She is in high demand in every state and city across Australia with her electric trademark sound. She is Australia’s only female DJ and Saxophonist that pumps crowds into a frenzy on the dance-floor.

Today we suggest you to check out the Episode #2 of her 10 Minute Mash Up Series up on her Youtube Channel -